Rated #1 Best Hunts by the RMEF. Dome Mountain's hunting area is home to both resident elk and migratory elk of the original "great northern Yellowstone herd" - the mother herd of elk across the United States. 

  • 5,000 private acres and endless wilderness USFS Permit Areas 
  • Experienced, Mature, Seasoned-Professional Elk Hunting Guides
  • Modern Cabins for comfort, solitude and hot showers 
  • Home Cooked 5 Star Breakfasts and Dinners in our Historic Lodge 
  • All hunts conducted on Dome Mountain Ranch are 100% fair chase
  • Free shuttle to and from Bozeman Airport
  • Local processing and taxidermy options
  • Free Extensive Hunt preparation and Travel Assistance

It's not uncommon for our hunters to see elk every day of their hunt, sometimes hundreds-be sure to ask any of our references!  These are the "wildest elk in North America".  There's no fences here, and you will truly feel the sense of endless wilderness and test yourself to your limits, yet be granted unusual opportunities, which is all a fair-chase elk hunter can ask. Trophy Mule Deer bucks offer nearly 100% success and are a great addition to your hunt, or provide a great introduction to elk hunting.


Montana Elk Hunters - this is your gear list. We cannot stress good preparation enough for your elk hunt.

  • Montana hunting license - available online here.
  • Understanding of all Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Rules and Regulations.
  • Personal identification
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • 1 Rifle with sling -tri-pods should be “detachable” in order to allow easy fit into scabbard
  • 1 full box of rifle shells
  • 400 square inches of orange ( 1 vest, no orange hat is required)
  • Archery Hunters-Quiet, Full Camouflage
  • 1 Heavy wind and water proof overcoat or outer shell with hood if available.
  • Several Secondary layers of wool or equivalent mid-layer material (no cotton).
  • 1 Pair Water proof Wool pants or bibs (Quietness is important as well as flexibility)
  • A warm vest to be worn under overcoat
  • A warm hat that covers the ears (Windy days are not uncommon)
  • Enough thermal non-cotton wick-away underwear for the duration of your hunt.
  • 8 Pair of Socks
  • 1 pair Heavy wind and waterproof Gloves large enough to fit over smaller pair of gloves.
  • 1 pair Lighter Gloves
  • 1 pair of Boots min. 1000 grams of insulation/ rifle, 600 grams for archery.
  • 1 Poncho or Rain suit
  • 1 Daypack.
  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Binoculars: A good pair of these with ample light gathering abilities in 7 power or higher will certainly add to the enjoyment of your hunt. Make sure they are not so big that they take away from the enjoyment of your hunt and give you a sore neck!
  • Range Finder


Join us & hunt "The Wildest Elk in North America".  There is a mid-March deadline for your Montana hunting license. These can be easily obtained on line.  Once a deposit is received (1/2 cost of hunt) by Dome Mountain Ranch, the real excitement in preparing for a traditional-fair-chase adventure! Our high success rates (70% in 2012) is directly related to our personalized pre-hunt preparation we provide.  We take only a limited amount of clients per week, so please call us at 800-313-HUNT (4868)! 

"I've hunted with three different Outfitters and Dome Mountain has provided the best combination of accommodations, quality guides, and elk opportunity. It's tough to beat this package.  I''ve already booked my hunt for next year with my son and my pals." -Scott MacLeod

The "Dome Mountain Wildlife Refuge" is a 4,000 acre area which has been set aside by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to offer a select breeding and wintering area for the northern Yellowstone Elk herd. In combination with the above managed lands, another 8,000 acres is specifically managed to provide even more wild and protected areas for Montana elk. All of the private property is adjacent to vast Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.Our large use area also includes Special Permit areas of the Gallatin National Forest where much of our hunting takes place. 

Our goal at Dome Mountain Ranch is to provide a "fair-chase" opportunity to harvest the elk of your dreams and most of all, enjoy a well-planned Montana Elk Hunt.  When it comes to "fair-chase" there are never any guarantees, however season after season hunter opportunity continues to grow in both archery and rifle seasons.  There was a time when we took over 200 hunters per season.  Many of Yellowstone's Elk now call Dome Mountain home.  It's not unusual for nearly half these elk to end up on and around Dome Mountain due to it's food sources and unique location. 

Dome Mountain Ranch is not a "game farm" or "canned hunt".  There are no high fences or unnatural food plots or attractants, and a few steps up that mountain will remind you, this is what you came for.  However, we've been granted a unique opportunity to limit the amount of hunters we take each season thanks to a conservation minded owner and science-based outfitter. We believe that every day in elk country with us should be memorable and with common goals in mind.  We will provide you with the latest preparation materials and place you in what our experience tells us are the best locations, from there the results of your hunt are in your hands.  If you do all you can to prepare, there's no doubt you'll have a trip to remember forever.

"I have already begun preparation for my next hunt with you and your staff and have highly recommended the Dome Mountain Ranch to many of my friends. Thank you for a great first guided hunt experience and I look forward to our next hunt together and who knows you might even see me sooner for a little summer fishing.-I am happy to be a reference. With much appreciation Ted Anderson, Sutherlin, Oregon

Montana Elk Hunting (Archery) Information

Bow hunting elk requires a focused commitment, stealth and deep understanding of North America's most challenging big game animal. The true legends of the fall emerge from shadowed black timber in the form of ghostly monster bulls following instinctual longing. The calm of nature is shattered by the primordial scream of tribal-like wild celebrations.  We make an extra effort to provide you with detailed preparation materials so that you are ready for this type of adventure. 

Call us today for references!

Montana Archery hunting opportunities seem endless with private land and acres of uncrowded forest service.  Our hunters will testify it's "up close and personal".  Our hunting experience and intimate familiarity with the country we hunt allows us to carefully monitor elk patterns, rutting areas and feeding grounds.  This pays great dividends during a Montana Guided Bow Hunt for Elk.

Our combined knowledge and skills in guiding bow hunters and your personal preparation is critical to your success. Having a Montana Bow hunting guide by your side will increase your odds dramatically. We guarantee you - we will do our part, while the rest is up to you to get the most from your Montana hunting experience.

If you are looking for an unforgettable, nerve testing hunt, one which will shove your heart so far up your neck you may shake and gasp for air, a Montana archery elk hunt with Dome Mountain Ranch awaits you. An experience that will be forever branded in your head complete with all the sights, sounds and smells of Montana fair chase Elk Montana elk Hunting with a bow the way it was meant to be. Are you up to the challenge? Call us toll free today at (800) 313-HUNT(4868) and let's find out.

Montana Elk Hunting (Rifle)

Montana elk hunters have been returning to Dome Mountain Ranch for nearly half a century in recognizing what has historically been the highest harvest area in the United States to hunt trophy elk. Area 313 is synonymous to ideal elk country, and our great Northern Yellowstone Herd is where nearly all the elk have originated across the United States.  Our Fair Chase and practiced low-impact style of hunting means unique opportunities for even the most novice of hunters, and there are no high fences anywhere.

The Montana elk hunter looking for a quality fair chase hunt will appreciate our careful wildlife management and hunting strategies over a large use area near Yellowstone National Park extending north into the Beartooth Wilderness. The famous 15,000 year-old migrations and resident herds on Dome Mountain continue to make this guided Montana elk hunt one to remember for a lifetime.  

By combining ideal habitat with seemingly endless access to wilderness areas Dome Mountain Ranch offers high opportunity and an unforgettable Montana elk hunting experience. Our four week season allows our entire hunting area to rest between hunts, so there aren't any dilemmas about which week is best. Limited hunter numbers each week also means your odds will greatly increase to harvest a Rocky Mountain Elk or Mule Deer.  

Dome Mountain Ranch offers mature professional and hardworking guides, a historic lodge and cabins and continues to go the extra mile, usually uphill, to make your experience with us more than a hunt. Call us toll free today at (800) 313-HUNT(4868). We will help you create an experience you will never forget. We promise!


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